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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  November 3, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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surveillance cameras were rolling in germantown as 22-year-old carlesha freeland-gaither was west handsbury street was forced in a car. she kicked the rather driver's side window out before the car sped away. but she is still missing at this hour. live at the scene of the crime, we have chad pradelli. what is the latest here, chad? >>reporter:jim, the police believe it was a random kidnapping that the victim did not know her attacker on the victim. the victim was approached by the suspect at green and coulter. she was knocked to the ground and dragged down this block. it was captured on the surveillance video there. the police want you to take a close look at it so the victim can return home safely.
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they dragged her down the block. carlesha freeland-gaither kicked and scream. she was forced into a car and the suspect sped off. she managed to kick out at rear window. glass littered the ground today. her father is pleading for help. >> i want her to come home safe. let my baby come home. that saul i am asking. [crying] >>reporter:the detectives continued to look for clues. during the struggle freeland-gaither cellphone and glasses were left behind. >> she put up a struggle. a good struggle it appears. >>reporter:the police say that the video shows the suspect pulling up in a ford taurus he waits. she ended the day visiting her godson. her birthday lives a custom
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blocks from the crime scene. >>reporter:she a wonderful young woman with a bright future and always willing to help others. >> she is a small child. she is beautiful. she is charming. she will help anything and anybody. >> please, whoever bring her back home. that is all we want just release her. we don't care. let her go somewhere and drop her off somewhere. don't do nothing more harm which you already have done. >>reporter:and police believe that the suspect vehicle is gray or silver ford taurus. again it could have one or both of rear side windows kicked out. if you see a vehicle like that call the police. live in germantown chad pradelli, jim. thank you, chad. you can see the entire abduction on we urge you to take another look at suspect and the suspect's vehicle. if you have any information we
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have posted contact information for philadelphia police. police dismantled booby-traps found in a north philadelphia warehouse today. the incident started a the 11:15 during a court-ordered eviction of a couple in the 1800 block of west sedgley avenue. roland and sharlene mcvicker talked about the traps. the workers boarding up the building for its new owners discovered another explosive device. [♪] it is election day tomorrow. nationally the big story is which party will end up controlling the senate? the big race is the contest for governor of pennsylvania. vernon the race that is
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gardening the most attention? >>reporter:indeed it is the main event. both contenders are traveling the state today. this past weekend talking two things, taxes and turnout. as you take a look at the polling place in a charter school. the level of turnout will be key of tomorrow night's outcome. that is one of many places that it takes place. >> are we going to win tomorrow? >> yes. >> thank you. >>reporter:a gop stronghold. and republican stars came to stand with him meehan and pat toomey. with corbett still running behind he is preaching to the choir. and tom wolf is a favorite of hot button names as governor ed rendell. >> has he told the editorial board was pennsylvania how much he is going to tax? no.
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why? he knows he is going to tax us to the rendell era of tax and spend. >>reporter:tom wolf was in lancaster. he veered west as he tries to maximize the democratic turnout. wolf was in philadelphia yesterday going to churches and a rally with president obama that came in to ignite the electorate in areas like philadelphia. he needs a massive vote in philadelphia. >> if we want the election to deliver on the promise of education, jobs and fairness what do we have to do? >> vote. >> that is right. tuesday we have to vote. >>reporter:random attitudes today from chester county voters. >> i am charged up about any election. like to see who is doing what and put my vote in. >> you don't know if they are telling the truth not telling the truth. they do this when the other person says they do that.
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i am very confused. >>reporter:jim, that lady told me today for all those reasons she will not bother to vote tomorrow. live in parkside, vernon odom "channel~6 action news." >> thank you. voters in new jersey can cast their ballots at 6:00 a.m. polls open in pennsylvania and delaware at 7:00 a.m. and the polls in all three states will close at 8:00 p.m. meanwhile, mailers with incorrect polling locations went out to 30,000 philadelphians. it was funded by an organization based in brooklyn. anyone that is confused about where they can cast their ballots you can find a link to that on and to be an informed voter is on our website. which are following the candidates as you expect. you can see profiles of everyone
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running for office. tomorrow night we will have live results as soon as the polls close. you can find it all on /election. the eagles paid a high price losing their starting quarterback and unquestioned leader on defense. jamie apody the fans will ask the question, which loss hurts more demeco ryans or nick foles? >> i posted that on our facebook and twitter pages. they say that demeco ryans is more than a hit than foles's loss. many are curious what mark sanchez can do. he is finished for the season with a torn achilles tendon. he was crying as he was carted off of the field. foles will be out six to eight
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weeks. he was sacked for the second time in the third quarter. he was throwing for 124 yards and a touchdown. but also a pick. mark sanchez is a guy as experienced as a starter in the nfl. >> we felt great about him all along. we need to have two quarterbacks and the chance to get him in here. i thought that he did a great job in your system. he was outstanding and shows no lust when he got in there against houston. we are confident. we feel bad for nick that he is out. if we have to go to mark in that direction i feel confident. >> this was a guy that led the jets in each of the first two seasons. it's interesting to see how it plays out. more on foles' injury and more
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on demeco ryans. thank you. charred trucks. an arson investigation after trucks burn overnight. the mega jackpot is the eighth largest in the game's history. temperatures are back to 60. i am tracking warmer days and then a big cooldown. and jamie apody with more on the eagles when "action news" continues tonight. ♪ music
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we have a major story developing in radnor township, delaware county. they arrested a student for making terroristic threats. they arrested a 17-year-old senior at radnor high school after the administrators were alerted she was writing violent threats in her notebooks. it talked about a mass shooting and much was focused on a teacher at the high school. the girl who wrote that she wanted to be the first female school shooter was detailed and she seemed to have a plan but no weapons to carry out the school violence. they say that the teen wrote letters to the parents of the shooters of columbine tragedy. they identified with the mass murderers. the charges are making terroristic threats. her parents are cooperating with
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the investigation. they notified the parents on their website about this incident. there was an unrelated case. a second student was removed from school also more making threats. the teen has has asperger's. it is called arson. flames broke out before dawn at high game incorporated. the investigators say that the arsonist cut a hole in the fence. they hope to catch the person responsible on surveillance cameras. one person is dead after a roll over crash on i-95 in southwest philadelphia. it happened at 1:30 this afternoon at bartram. the accident shutdown the lanes near the airport for several hours. officials in trenton confirm
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that several people are monitored for the ebola virus. that number is about 12. each is considered low risk. that means they traveled from west africa but not exposed with someone with the virus. they are calling the people on the monitoring list twice a day. no one has shown any symptoms. 100 people are monitored across the country. peco employees donated their time to battle homelessness towards finding a job. volunteers teamed up with the advocacy project to process and not rise birth certificate this is ceo tom macarthur's world. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work.
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and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. newspapers speak out. tom corbett has been something of a disaster. tom corbett cut spending on education by a billion dollars... it's time for a change. elect tom wolf, and you'll get the type of governor we haven't seen for a while... who looks out for average, hard-working pennsylvanians. it's wolf who has solid ideas for bringing in new business and for boosting the economy.
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tom wolf for governor, a fresh start for pennsylvania. there are 211 lawyers in congress. but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable. fighting to create jobs that can support a family. and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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a $321 million jackpot is up for grabs. tickets are starting to sell face for the eighth largest jackpot on record. of course, "channel~6 action news" is the only place to see the drawing. you can see the numbers drawn during "action news" at 11:00. eagles great win in houston. but they paid the price. did they ever. they confirmed to "action news" that nick foles is out with a broken clavicle. that does not require surgery. and he had not played since december 30 of 2012. it did not show. he finished for 202 yards. this is a guy that led the championship game in the first two seasons. kelly raved about his backups today. >> i thought that he was outstanding with nick. you watch the intersect actions
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on the sidelines. he wants to win. he is fully invested into the team. it's not about individual accolades. he understands what we are trying to get accomplished here. >> it's important to me to play as well as i good. it's not as pretty as id like. there is a throw or two i would like back. we are overcoming the negative plays. thanks to the defense and special plays we overcame it. we needed plays down the stretch. i was happy to help the team. >> eagles confirmed that demeco ryans is done for the reason. he has an torn achilles tendon. the players gathered around the linebacker as he was carted off. some were seen crying. the true leader of their team. demeco ryans is done.
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and tod todd has a torn bic. jeremy maclin sat out with a torn a.c.l. six catches for 158 yards. the past two games he had 345 receiving yards, four touchdowns. he has eight games left. >> when i went down last year, the one thing that i told myself to come back and give myself a chance to be better than i was. and you know, this year, my number was called a bit. all i can do is to be there for my team. >> he declined 4.75 player option and becomes a free agent. it's disappointing he was 4.5era. barnett is not sure if he wants to pitch next season.
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the sixers beat houston last year. they are hoping that it helps them get up to 500. and the number one goalie steve mason is looking for his first win. mason's self confidence is not through the roof these days or you can't feel very good about yourself until you have that kind of success. and, you know, once you get the first one, you are going to keep coming. and it's a trying start to the season. stay positive and work hard. >> they have a new lighting system. he has trouble with the glare off the ice. he is not complaining about it but that is one component. cecily tynan and accuweather
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you know what we need? what? warmer weather. we'll do that. jim wants warmer weather we are going to get warmer weather and dry for the next two days. stormtracker 6 live double scan dry conditions tonight. it dark. live at sky6. partly cloudy skies. the sun is setting at 4:56 eastern standard time. we are losing the daylight. we are showing yes, i am tracking early weak warmth before thursday. it's going to be a washout.
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and future tracker, temperatures in philadelphia 66. the usual high is 60 degrees. it on the warm side. we we'll be warmer ahead of the cold front. and thursday, the cold front moving along the front. we are looking at the 1 to 2 inches of rain. thursday is going to be a washout. right now it's dry and cooling off quickly. philadelphia 51. down from a high of 60. allentown dropped into the 40s. 49. trenton 54. and sea isle 56. dover is 39 degrees. satellite 6, we see a little cloud cover spilling over the ridge of high pressure. what the high pressure is going to do is shift of the winds out of the southwest for the next two days. tomorrow, election day it's looking good. mixture of sun and clouds.
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on wednesday the flow is ahead of at cold front. the high is warmer. 68 degrees. some areas could hit 70. the low pressure moves over us on thursday. it looks like we are dealing with all-day rain. we are showing at 7:00 in the morning, rain is here. heavy rain for the morning commute. the rain continues through the afternoon and even through the evening commute. thursday is a day you don't want to forget the umbrella. patchy clouds and seasonally cool. 43 for center city. you need a jacket. the exclusive seven-day forecast, nice and mild. you can't use the weather as an excuse not to go to the polls tomorrow. it's going to be beautiful. sunny skies with a high of 66. on wednesday ahead of the cold front the flow increases out of the southwest. november warm the high is soaring up to 68 degrees. good amount of sunshine in the day. the clouds are increasing in the
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afternoon. on thursday, this is when we get the soaking rain. it's a high of 64 degrees. this is what we can expect. 1 to 2 inches of rain. the evening commute is slow. not ruling out the possibility that we could get a few rumbles of thunder. on friday behind the system a lingering shower. return of sunshine by the afternoon. and breezy and cooler. heading into the weekend on saturday, it's another cold saturday. it looks to be a dry saturday. high of 50 degrees. on sunday, 53. i have to watch low pressure offshore. it's staying offshore. monday night football the high in the afternoon is 50 degrees. if you are heading to the linc the temperatures are dropping into the low 40s. it's a chilly night for the eagles.
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all right, cecily. and "world news with david muir" next on "channel~6 action news." we continue at 10:00 on phl17. and please join us for a special report on "channel 6". nydia han investigates a renovation rip off. >> they give you a lower price to finish your basement top to bottom. find out what the owner has to say and who is investigating. it's an investigation report at 11:00. for ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i am jim gardner. we hope that you will join us at 11:00. [♪] >>announcer:"action news" is sponsored in part
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welcome to "world news tonight." the record-breaking storm. nearly two feet of snow. blinding winds, more than 100,000 without power. ginger zee right here. abducted. breaking now. the chilling video in one american city. authorities asking for help as a 22-year-old woman is taken right off the street. the nascar showdown. the racing stars and the brawl. what authorities are saying tonight. and walking a tight rope. the stunning moment. what we didn't see. no net, no harness and tonight, what he was fighting on that rope. and less than 24 hours now until your voice, your vote. the one number to watch.